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Why a Community Pharmacy Is Important


The recent COVID-19 pandemic has shown the healthcare industry, and the people it serves, just how stressed our current care system is. Immediate care must be brought closer to the people who need it to become effective in meeting their needs. In such conditions, the community pharmacy rises to the challenge.

Cocoa Beach Discount Pharmacy is a CLIA certified COVID-19 testing facility that gladly combines warm customer care with the latest healthcare expertise to address your daily needs. In these difficult times, we gladly work with you to achieve your wellness goals.

Our pharmacy in Cocoa Beach, Florida does more than dispense medicine. As your sworn partner in healthcare, we offer a variety of services that elevate your healthcare experience and expand your agency in making care choices for short and long-term needs.

Here are the reasons why working with a pharmacy like ours is beneficial for you and your loved ones:

  • We serve as a point of first contact within the health system.
    Whether it’s the hospital, your outpatient care facility, or even your doctor’s clinic, we allow you to access care closer to your home. It’s by coordinating with us that your trusted professionals can help you accomplish your prescribed care plan.
  • Our staff can help you manage your prescriptions better.
    Did you know that discussing your prescription with our staff can help you spot errors or find more affordable alternatives to your medicine? Such accessible expertise makes it much easier to customize your plan of care.
  • We make preventive care much easier.
    From synchronizing medication to providing a COVID-19 vaccine on a walk-in basis, we bring you the tools you need to establish your long-term protection from conditions, both acute and chronic. Feel safer knowing that there are professionals who have your back.

These are just some benefits our retail pharmacy in Cocoa Beach, Florida provides. Come on down and see for yourself. For more information, call us today!

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